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Here’s How Our Platform Helps You
Outperform Your Outreach Goal

Personalized Email Campaigns at Scale

A powerful outbound prospecting automation solution that lets you generate more replies by enabling hyper-personalized one-to-one
email messaging at scale.

Start hundreds of one-to-one conversations with your email list, making each recipient feel special.

Automatically use personalize custom first lines, custom text, and other variables to be unique to each message.

Schedule timing.

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Multiple Sending Accounts

Don’t just use one sending account to send hundreds of messages, but take advantage of multiple sending accounts to scale. This will allow you to start more conversations and engage with more leads, acquire new customers and grow revenue faster.

Automate conversations across multiple sending accounts.

Scale outreach with more outbound touches that get replies.

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Automate Personalize Follow-Ups

Create and launch effective cold email sequences,
send unlimited follow-ups that are personal, feel
genuine, and open more sales opportunities.

Start multiple sales engagement campaigns to reach
hundreds of leads.

Automate one-to-one message follow-up sequences
that don’t feel generic.

Set it up once and the platform will do the work for you
at the right time, days to create more opportunities.

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Precise Tracking & Analyze Progress

From high-level all-around campaign metrics to
individual email campaigns and message analytics, we
help bring all of this data to you to help you succeed.

Discover what campaign metrics can help drive more
conversions and sales opportunities.

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Track email open rates,
sending rates, click rates,
reply and bounce rates
throughout all campaigns.

Understand the analytics
of individual campaigns
and even follow-up messages.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s What Businesses & Individuals Are Saying About ClickReach

Patricia R.

I've used many platforms in the past, but ClickReach simplifies the process for me and makes it very useful and easy to launch multiple campaigns with many sending accounts. This is truly a game changer for my business and sales.

Integrate with Your Email Provider

Whatever email provider you use, we support all of them with SMTP, and it takes
seconds to a few minutes to set up everything seamlessly.

Powerful Features to Supercharge
Your Outreach Coming Soon

AI Lead Gen Engine

This is a feature we are most excited about
because it uses a large database of leads that
you can search in real-time based on the niche
you are trying to target and add directly to your
email campaigns.

Stop Sending Emails to Spam

Improve your sender reputation on autopilot
by email warming to avoid your emails getting
into spam.

A/B Message Testing

Run Split tests experiments that directly
compare a message variation against another
to select the winning message. Whether you
are trying to get more replies, opens, or clicks,
our automatic winner feature will optimize the
campaign overtime to ensure your
conversation rates will go up.

Manual Lead Generation

We will manually help you find the leads that
you want and add them to your campaigns.
So you don’t have to go searching for a lead
miner or data scraper. It will be under one roof.

Email Validation

Remove bad lists from your list of emails,
ensuring deliverability and reducing your email
bounce rates.

Outreach Across Multiple Channels

Leverage the power of multitouch outreach by
combining emails, SMS, and LinkedIn messages
into one sequence to reach more prospects
wherever they are.

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Easily Integrated With
The Tools You Already Use
Coming Soon!

Leverage a whole bunch of native CRM integrations
and robust API, and the power of ClickReach
coming soon.

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